Our chef, Serkan, was born in Urfa where many authentic Turkish dishes have been created ever since Sultan's times. He started his career at Bodrum Pomelan Restaurant as dishwasher. Three years later, he became sous-chef and in another three years, he had progressed to head chef.

During his military service, he was an executive chef in an officer's club for two years. Then, he moved to Israel and worked in several restaurants over the following nine years. When he was in his early thirties, he was called back to Turkey by a special request from Celibra Hotel's Sail Club and signed a contract with them for 3 years.

Serkan has been in Canada since 2005, working at Anton and Alaturka Restaurants before co-founding Sofra Istanbul. He took over ownership and management of Sofra Istanbul in 2010 with his business partner.